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Motto: “It takes a village, always has, always will”. 


This motto was adopted in acknowledgement that best practice includes working in partnerships within the community, as this provides a holistic approach to improving community outcomes. 

Mission Statement


To enhance the lives of children, families and individuals by working in partnership within the community to provide a holistic solution focussed approach. 



  • Work together and in partnership 

        Recognising that “It takes a village, always has, always will”


  • Respect

        Respecting and supporting the rights of individuals and families to have their say


  • Welcoming diversity 

        Valuing and welcoming diversity within the community, and learning from others


  • Inclusion

        Creating an environment where everyone feels safe and part of the community


  • Flexible

        Providing individualised and personalised support to suit the needs of others, and being open         to new ideas and ways of doing things


  • Commitment

        Working towards achieving goals by providing a quality service that strives for excellence 

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