About Us

Kerry & Katriana Sanctuary Family Soluti

Katrina Davis
Director, Sanctuary Family Solutions

Sanctuary Family Solutions was established in 2017 by Katrina Davis and Kerri Gibson. Both Katrina and Kerri had worked in the Community Service Sector in the Townsville region for many years and decided to branch out on their own to assist with providing additional solutions for people with disability, families, and small businesses.


In 2020, Kerri decided to commence travelling Australia, so a plan was put into place for her to commence her semi-retirement in July 2021.


Katrina has remained as a sole director of the company and remains passionate about making a difference to the lives of children, families, and individuals, and with providing a quality service within the community. Katrina has experience in child protection and disability support, and has worked with Foster and Kinship Carers, children in the care system as well as people with disabilities. Katrina is an experienced trainer who can provide training to staff, foster and kinship carers, as well as parents and others within the community.

Our team is made up with people from all walks of life who can assist with in-home support, nursing care, as well as a broad range of other tasks as required.