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Feedback & Complaints

At Sanctuary Family Solutions we welcome feedback including complaints about our service provision and/or staff, as well as complaints and feedback about other services you are accessing. We believe that people have the right to speak up as it helps us to see what works well, what is not working well, and where improvements can be made to service provision. We also welcome positive feedback about our service provision and staff interactions. 


Feedback about dealing with Sanctuary Family Solutions

We believe our frontline staff are the best people to assist you. If you want information about our services or you are unsure about something, we encourage you to speak to your Family Helper. If you do not feel comfortable discussing your concerns with your Family Helper, you can call the Management at Sanctuary Family Solutions: 


                                                      Ph: 0438 724 790  


You can also send an email to, or complete a Complaints, Feedback and Suggestion Form which is included in your NDIS Welcome Kit, or on our website. Please ask your worker to provide one if needed. If we are unable to help you, we will try to refer you to someone who can.


When making complaints or providing feedback, you can have a support person present to assist you with communicating your complaint or feedback. Sanctuary Family Solutions will ensure that people making complaints are not disadvantaged due to making complaints or providing negative feedback. Sanctuary Family Solutions will support service users through the complaints process, and provide details of outcomes where appropriate and in line with the Privacy Policy. 


Making a complaint about the NDIA

You can make a complaint by talking to someone at any one of the NDIA local offices, or you can fill in an online complaint form on their website. You can make a complaint in your preferred language. If the NDIA team are not able to deal with your complaint they will explain why, and refer you to the correct people who can assist.


What happens when you make a complaint?

We will resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. Our Complaints Procedure requires that we:

Take immediate action where there appears to be a high risk of harm, neglect or abuse

 Aim to acknowledge complaints within the next business day from receipt

Call you within two business days of acknowledgement

Aim to resolve complaints within 21 business days of receipt

Provide written communication of the outcome of the complaint, and any actions to be followed up (where relevant and  in line with the Privacy Act) 

When we contact you to talk about your complaint we may ask you to provide more information to help us understand the nature of your complaint. We will contact the person or organisation you are complaining about, provide them with details and ask for their comments and relevant information. We will let you know what they say in response to your complaint.


Complaints can be resolved in many different ways and the person who is handling your complaint can provide you with information about how similar complaints have been resolved.


If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can ask for a Supervisor or Manager to review your complaint and how it was handled. After this, if you are still not satisfied you may seek assistance from the Commonwealth Ombudsman:


  Call: 1300 362 072

  Web: Commonwealth Ombudsman: Contact Us



What if you think a decision made by the NDIA about you is wrong?

If you think that a decision made by the NDIA is wrong you can lodge an application for internal review of a decision.

NDIS - How to request an Internal Review

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